The amazing results you can achieve with Convict Conditioning

Convict ConditioningIf you are into calisthenics aka bodyweight exercises and you haven’t heard about the book Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade, then you really have missed out on something so far.

Convict Conditioning is a fantastic introduction into the amazing world of calisthenics and it is suited for complete newbie’s as well as advanced and seasoned calisthenic lovers alike. The book compiles tons of information about six main types of body weight exercises, as well as countless progressions to allow you to get from zero to hero in much less time than you would probably be able to without this information.



Convict Conditioning is clearly a must read for anyone interested in calisthenics and related outdoor and indoor strength training exercises. If you wish to learn how you could develop an amazingly and incredibly strong and well balanced body that resembles that of an ancient elite Spartan warrior, then you simply cannot miss out on this book. There are plenty success stories to be found around the web about people sharing their experiences as well as results they have been able to accomplish by applying the teachings and knowledge shared in this great book. If you want to start working towards your own success story and transform your body into a one that can easily be compared to that of an Olympic athlete, then you should waste no more time and start your own Convict Conditioning journey as soon as possible.

If you haven’t come across a Convict Conditioning review and you would like to learn more about this fantastic book, plus, ┬áif you are looking for some examples of Convict Conditioning results achieved by others, then be sure to check out this site.

Access to the right kind of information will cut your curve to success by incredible amounts, so never underestimate the value you can find in a great book such as the one we have discussed today.

Remember to keep working out your body but also your mind!

You Are Your Own Gym – You have to review this book!

You Are Your Own GymDo you work out at a Gym? Do you believe that you could not be able to develop a really strong and ripped body if you would not have access to the equipment, machines and facilities provided by your Gym? Well, if you think that the only way to get in a really fantastic shape is by working out at local Gym several days a week following a strict routine, then you are very wrong! Let me tell you one thing You Are Your Own Gym !

Believe it or not it is possible to develop an incredibly powerful, well balanced and truly ripped body without having to place one foot in an actual gym and using nothing but your bodyweight as your exercising equipment. Don’t believe me? Well, don’t take my word for it. Instead, do yourself a favor and check out the book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.

This book is a must read for those who are interested in bodyweight exercises and alternatives for working out at home or at any other place in fact, provided you have your body with you :D. It really compiles a fantastic amount of information and graphically illustrates the execution hundreds of different body weight exercises to make sure that you have everything you need when it comes to developing a truly bad ass body using only your own weight for resistance.

If you find this topic interesting and it seems like something worth your time, then you should really check out this book. If you would still like to learn a little more about this book before deciding whether it is actually right for you, then you should read this truly in-depth You Are Your Own Gym review.

Remember to keep working out your body but also your mind!

Love Calisthenics? This will get you motivated!

Need some motivation to get you pumped and moving towards achieving the goals you have set out for yourself in terms of calisthenic exercices? Then you really should watch some of these great inspirational videos that should really get your heart pumping and make you crave to go out and perform an insane body weight workout. Go ahead and enjoy the following videos:






What do you think about these videos? Are you already able to perform the amazing feats of strength displayed in them? If yes, then you can consider yourself truly advanced and proficient when it comes to body weight exercises. If not, then just keep at it, with consistency, hard work and discipline you will eventually be able to get there!